Shungite earrings for women

Shungite earrings for women.

Shungite earrings are a special decoration, because they are made from the oldest mineral on the planet, which has healing and magical properties.

Moreover, it is not so easy to make an elegant product from shungite. Earrings are very difficult to make and therefore unique in their own way. Shungite jewelry is a gift that is relevant at all times.

Earrings are not just aesthetically beautiful and elegant, they are also valuable for their inner content. The mineral, according to magicians and psychics, has a strong energy that will always be directed to the benefit of its owner. This is also said by the owners of jewelry.

Everyone who wears shungite products has noticed a pronounced surge of strength, General improvement and love of life. The shape of the earrings is also important. It only strengthens the powerful positive effect of the mineral. 9 rays, symbolizing the key to truth and the highest degree of knowledge, give the owner of jewelry peace and harmony in themselves.

Shungite earrings are not just an accessory, they are a talisman and a true talisman. It will protect against the evil eye, damage and any negative impact, giving in return only what is necessary.