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Republic of Karelia

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ShungiteArt — Shungite is an amazing stone permeated with the mystery of the cosmos, opening the door to the distant galactic expanses.

Its origin goes back to ancient times, when the stars poured their light on the young Universe, and each of its veins is like a pattern woven by the hands of ancient cosmic artists, taking us to the timeless dimension of creativity.

ShungiteArt and Karelia are two inextricably linked concepts

Shungite from ShungitArt - has aesthetic appeal, special energetic and purifying properties, restores energy balance, relieves stress, calms the nervous system, helps to find harmony and balance. In addition, the composite protects against electromagnetic radiation.

Karelia, a region in the northwestern part of Russia. Its appeal lies in its rich nature and unique cultural heritage. Spacious forests, clear lakes and mountain ranges make this area an ideal place for travel and recreation.

The culture is closely connected with local traditions, folk songs, crafts and national rituals. It is a place where you can enjoy the silence and beauty of the environment, and get to know the amazing history and culture of the people of Karelia.

ShungiteArt Creative

The stone is widely used in making pendants, bracelets, balls, etc. Karelia, rich in shungite deposits, has become a real center for its extraction and application in various fields of craftsmanship.

Handmade items created from shungite attract attention with their unusual appearance and special charm due to the unique patterns and texture of this natural material.