Petrovsky shungite

Large Petrovsky shungite + elite shungite crystals 100 grams.
Petrovsky shungite 1pc. - Weight 710 grams.
Size ~ 9 x 9 x 6 cm (3.54 x 3.54 x 2.36 inches
Elite shungite 200 grams, stone size from 5-15 mm

For a long time, Petrovsky shungite was endowed with a number of properties and a lot of amazing abilities, which, at times, could not be explained and, moreover, could not be confirmed.

And this applies not only to esotericists, but also to ordinary people who were lucky enough to be convinced in practice of the energy potential of the stone.

If you believe the statements of healers, then Petrovsky shungite, like any subspecies of this natural mineral, is a powerful source of natural strength.

It is thanks to her that the stone is able to protect its owner from the effects of dark forces, exposing an invisible, but very strong barrier that does not allow negative energy to take over.

In addition, Petrovsky shungite helps in restoring the energy balance, as well as in protecting against the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.

It gives its owner a sense of calm and comfort, stimulating the establishment of spiritual harmony with oneself.

And Petrovsky shungite is a rare collection stone, the extraction of which is quite difficult, and the deposits are minimal.

Therefore, many connoisseurs of this natural mineral tremblingly collect its single specimens, creating amazing collections that reflect the magic of nature.

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