Elite shungite healing crystals

Elite shungite healing crystals.
Set of 5 elite shungite stones. Weight of 1 stone 10-15 grams, total weight 50-75 grams. A set of shungite stones is a unique and, at the same time, universal gift that can be presented to a friend, relative or comrade, regardless of profession and aesthetic preferences.

After all, shungite is a special mineral that has healing and magical properties. The owner of the stones will be reliably protected from negative influences. Moreover, both from other people and objects capable of electromagnetic radiation. The scope of shungite products is extremely wide, and it is not limited to protective properties alone.

Mineral is used for water purification, in the treatment of alternative medicine, and magicians and psychics use stones in various ceremonies and the manufacture of amulets. Elite shungite: what is the value of a selected mineral? Shungite itself is unique. And its elite instances are a whole find. The fact is that the carbon content in an ordinary mineral is about 50%, while in an elite mineral this figure reaches 98%.

This greatly enhances the ability of shungite to affect the body, both physically and energetically. Its reserves are extremely limited, and production is carried out exclusively by hand. To find specimens of an elite mineral is a great success! Experienced magicians assure that the elite shungite has special and very powerful magical properties that positively affect its owner. The strongest charms and amulets are made of it