Elite shungite necklace

Elite shungite necklace.

Please read carefully! Presented pendants in the photo will differ in shape from those sent to you. Quality and Weight will correspond to the description! Price for 1 pendant. Weighing 3 - 5 grams. Elite shungite: what is the value of a selected mineral? Shungite itself is unique. And its elite instances are a whole find. The fact is that the carbon content in an ordinary mineral is about 50%, while in an elite mineral this figure reaches 98%. This greatly enhances the ability of shungite to affect the body, both physically and energetically. Its reserves are extremely limited, and production is carried out exclusively by hand. To find specimens of an elite mineral is a great success! Experienced magicians assure that the elite shungite has special and very powerful magical properties that positively affect its owner. The strongest charms and amulets are made of it.