Kivach waterfall

Kivach waterfall

Kivach waterfall is one of the natural attractions of Karelia, located on the river Suna in the vicinity of the village of Sopokha.

Visiting this waterfall in the fall, seeing the beauty of this place, the power and endless fall of water flows. The image of a young boy and girl and their love story formed in my mind. This legend will be different from the generally recognized one.

The legend tells about a beautiful daughter of one of the ancient heroes who lived in this area. Her name was Kivach, and she was an incredibly beautiful and kind girl. Kivach was in love with a young warrior from a neighboring tribe. Their love was pure and tender, but the enmity between the tribes prevented them from being together.

One day, during a terrible storm, the warrior tried to swim across the river to see his beloved. He was close to victory, but at the last moment the storm became too strong and he was swept into the river. When Kivach learned of this, she was desperately sad and began to pray to the gods to save her beloved.

The gods heard Kivach’s pleas and turned him into a waterfall so that he could stay by her side forever. Now anyone who sees the Kivach Falls can see how the waters turn into foam, washing away grief and pain, but forever remaining faithful to each other.

This legend reflects a tragic and beautiful story, symbolizing the power and immortality of pure and sincere love.